Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Penn State Students Go Batshit Crazy Over T-Shirt

Penn State students slowly come unraveled over a T-Shirt that loosely resembles a cross. I can see that there is a resemblance to a cross, but I find it hard to believe that there is enough of a scramble on campus for this article to land on FOXNEWS.COM. It just seems ridiculous that there are actually people at this school that refuse to purchase the shirt because they feel like it has a religious undertone. "oooohhhh scaaarrryyy. The school is trying to cast a crazy christian spell over us!!!!" Seriously people, there is no way that the cross is intentional religious branding in this day in age. Especially at a place like Penn State. Just because you're pre-law doesn't mean that you need to make a stink about every goddamn thing that takes place on campus.
Oh NO!!! My mashed potatoes look like a Star of David. NOOOOOO!!! The Jews have invaded my Irish Cuisine!!!!! Fuck you morons.

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