Thursday, January 17, 2008

Best Commercial Ever?

OK let me start by saying I HATE the Mannings. Peyton is a tool and Eli is, simply put, not good. I hate seeing Peyton's ugly face every time I try to enjoy a television program. That being said, their new commercial is one of the funniest I can recall. It is for a product I whole-heartedly endorse- Double Stuf Oreos. Here is the video-

The above video stops with about 10 seconds left. They're quality seconds so if you want you can view the whole commercial by using this link to the website.

Some quick thoughts on this one: I feel that I could be the Brad Johnson of the DSRL. A competent player who isn't going to beat himself. Also, this seems like as good a time as any to share my idea that would make Nabisco billions of dollars- They should sell tubs of the Oreo frosting along with the chocolate wafers. That way you could put as much frosting on your Oreo as your fat, bloated heart could ever want. As always that idea is PATENT PENDING, so back off.

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