Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Super Bowl, Rock and Roll and the Fouding Fathers

So as everyone should know by now Tom Petty will be performing at the Super Bowl this year. I, for one, am very excited but I've heard a lot of people panning the choice. For instance, a couple weeks back on Around the Horn, J.A. Adande and Kevin Blackistone said that Petty was a poor choice (I forget the reason why exactly but I'm sure it is stupid). I'm just going to guess that these guys have never listened to Petty because Tom Petty rocks. I'm not very sure of a lot of things but I know deep down in my soul that Petty can fucking Rock and Roll so I don't get why all these people are hating on him. My guess is they A) have never listened to Petty, B) are idiots, or C) hate America (and as follows, Freedom and Glory as well).

Listen, America was founded on not paying taxes, Liberty, Freedom, Rock and Roll, and three-cornered hats. Those are the facts of life, its that simple. If I learned one thing as a history major it was that George Washington loved to rock out, same with Patrick Henry, Alexander Hamilton and all those other founding fathers (except Thomas Jefferson; he listened to emo, he also liked dudes).

So to all those out there saying Petty is a bad choice for the Super Bowl I have a simple message to you: grow a pair and stop hating America. For crying out loud, I thought we were at a point in our nation's history were we were past all of this ignorance. America's 3rd most American sporting event deserves some good old fashioned Rock and Roll (Baseball's Opening Day and the NBA's Dunk Contest are more American than the Super Bowl. I will not argue this point.)

Now please excuse me while I listen to "Refugee" and play air guitar in my cubicle.

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