Monday, June 30, 2008

Build a border fence around Baseball....

As we approach Freedommas (Latin for the Mass of Freedom), we find ourselves in the same old debate: Is Football more American than Baseball?

While I'm sure that Doug is foaming at the mouth, I think I'm going to go for Football on this one ladies. It's not that I don't support Baseball, or that I don't think Baseball is American, it's that there aren't enough fucking Americans playing the game. It is simply chock full of nuts, and by nuts I clearly mean fargen foreigners.

The league is dominated by foreign players and coaches, and given enough time, I'm sure they will be dominated by foreign owners. Let's face it folks, we are not as good at baseball as we used to be. Latin America has the US sitting on the pine and spittin' seeds.

Football, on the other hand, is still dominated Johnny Bluejeans. Don't get all caught up in this 'race' crap, because I don't think that these guys are all white dudes from 'Bama. But it is tough to come up with solid numbers for NFL players born on foreign soil. Also, what is more American than smashing into one another for hours on end?

I am not going to inundate you with facts, or legitimate science to back up my statements, because then I may be wrong. I leave all that shit for Doug.

In closing, Baseball has gone from Americas Pastime to Passed it's Prime, Knibb High Football Rules!!

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