Friday, June 27, 2008

Hillary Clinton is the f@#king Antichrist

Yep. The morningstar, the seven headed dragon, the great beast, the junior senator from New York. It's not that I hate her, she is the necessary evil that makes me right, it's that she sucks, her ideas suck, her experience sucks, her judging of character sucks, and there are enough fucking retards in this country that believe her bullshit. Just because the staff of the Daily Show and SNL think that HRC should be the president, or Hussein Obama for that matter, doesn't make for a convincing arguement in my book. I mean, c'mon. The only real political experience that she has on a broad level is not divorcing her husband when he was getting blown by any fat hooker with a mouth. (Granted it is hard to be either fat or a hooker without a mouth) But seriously folks, give me something, help me sleep at night, stop me from having a panic attack: Why the fuck would you vote for either of them? Answer: Your a blind Democrat that simply votes on party lines and then bitches about how the Republicans exploit bipartisan politics. Your a borderline social retard that gets all your news from Comedy Central and your pop culture fix from TMZ. Turn off the MTV, stop watching The Hills, and wake up from your goddamn fantasy world. These two schlep rocks are not good for the country, or the world, or anything ever. You're a fucking moron. If you want to ruin a country, go to one that's already fucked up, it'll be easier on you. Try Venezuela, I heard they have nationalized oil companies, sounds fucking sweet. Eat my ass, I'm out.

Watch as she starts step one of sucking out Hussein's soul. (Also, notice her tiny hands, perfectly sized for eating babies)


Doug the Punter said...

Since when does one party have a monopoly on being asshats? The Republicans are a total and complete joke. Seriously, look at where this country is right now and it's mostly here from where the Republican leadership has taken us. The party of small government has, in the past eight or so years, done more to expand the scope of government, imbue the executive with a dangerous amount of power, and infringe on our liberties than ANY OTHER ADMINISTRATION IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICA, EVER! These are the people you want in charge? They're a bunch of fascists. I'm not saying the Democrats are great, they aren't, but the Republicans are pretty much the same except they screw up our country in a different way. The only thing that separates the parties is that the Republicans don't suck at winning elections. All politicians are pretty much the same and maybe, just maybe, (but probably not) Obama is a bit different. Nice fear-mongering by calling him Hussien, you right-wing propaganda-slurping dolt. Get a clue.

Ted said...

more than any other??? so what about pre-abolition presidents, pre-suffrage presidents. You're just a bitter, anti-establishment, displaced dissenter. Eat a bullet.

Doug the Punter said...

Fine if you want to argue semantics then let me clarify my argument: the charges that this administration has expanded the scope of government and imbued the executive with a dangerous amount of power still stand unchallenged. As for the third point, I should have been clearer and said has done more to SCALE BACK our civil liberties than any other administration.

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