Monday, December 10, 2007

Sandwich for the ages.

Everyone has a thing that they do to make themselves feel better. Some people work out, some listen to music, some people cut themselves. Well, for me personally, it has to be something a little more internal. Literally. I go for a sandwich. My never fail option for gluttonous, self-serving glory. It takes a little from each of the previous three options, it's a workout to get the whole thing down in less than a minute, I hum while a chew(or swallow whole) and it hurts my stomach(cutters.) I would like everyone to see the sandwich that got me through last Thursdays debacle at work. (I can't get into what happened at work, but I will say that it sent me on a murderous rampage of sandwich eating that started with this picture and ended with a Subway Feast at ten PM.) Enjoy.

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