Monday, March 3, 2008

Turns out that my freeloading brother is a total dick.

I'm D he's P
D(2:31:55 PM): breasts
P (2:32:01 PM): whats up?
D (2:32:04 PM): nothing
D (2:32:10 PM): you're still not in doostang
D (2:32:16 PM): starting to anger the gorilla
P (2:32:20 PM): ill do it today
D (2:32:33 PM): and you don't read my blog
D (2:32:41 PM): which really hurts me in the pants
P (2:32:51 PM): you dont read mine
D (2:32:58 PM): you have blog status
D (2:33:02 PM): gimme the site
D (2:33:10 PM): i'll check it ten times a day
P (2:33:35 PM):
D (2:33:50 PM): wow

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