Friday, November 2, 2007


I am excited as hell to watch the Celtics tonight. It is going to be one of the defining moments of my life, with out a doubt bigger than my high school and college graduations.

Well here's a sweet video to get you pumped for the Celtics... and the weekend


Anonymous said...

How can you be excited for a team with no real depth, a terrible head coach, and a point guard that has never played a minute of meaningful basketball in his pro career?

Ted said...

What about the night that you got to the store? Wasn't that a big night?
Also, please don't leave anonymous postings, it makes you look like a puss puss

Doug the Punter said...

Ted- In my first draft of that post I did mention going to the store but since you would be the only one to get it I left it out.
Anon- Let me first say I would be excited for opening night even if the Celtics made no offseason moves. I am even more excited because they have KG and Jesus. If you can't get excited for them then you just don't like basketball.

Ted said...

I put up the piglet picture.