Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Maybe I'm crazy but I'm pretty sure somewhere in our Constitution it says you're innocent until proven guilty. Recently the media have forgotten this annoying little part of our country and string everyone up by their thumbs when they get arrested. The reason I bring this up is because NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony was recently arrested for an ALLEGED DUI. This story has been plastered all over the TV and interweb with people breaking out their Jump-To-Conclusions mats and getting all riled up. Unfortunately if/when he is found innocent of the charges because the pig who pulled him over only arrested him because he was famous and so he could tell his worthless cop friends about how he arrested Carmelo the media will completely gloss over the story. Coincidentally today Tampa Bay LB Cato June had his own DUI dropped due to lack of evidence (translation: some idiot cop decided giving a football player a speeding ticket wasn't a good enough story for his loser buddies).

I think Pacman Jones has been the biggest victim of this whole thing. Yeah, the man has been arrested a bunch of times and clearly makes some bad decisions but I think he's only been convicted of a misdemeanor or two yet the fascist NFL, led by Fuhrer Goodell, assumes he is guilty of all charges and suspends him. Also, it came out last summer that one of the cops who arrested him on an expired license charge went out looking to arrest Pacman. That's fucked up. This is just one man's plea that we return to our senses and assume that people are innocent when they are arrested, like our founding fathers did.

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Ted said...

Does that mean we should drink incessantly, beat our wives, and grow acres of weed just like our founding fathers? I sure hope so!