Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Scream directly at my ass

John McCain posed this question on LinkedIn.com:

Our country is faced with challenges as we enter into the 21st century. I am prepared to effectively deal with these challenges and lead our country as President on Day 1. Please let me know what you view as the biggest challenge America faces and how you would like your President to address this challenge.

I say this:

I think that the biggest challenge is going to be getting Americans to realize that this is America. I know that sounds stupid, but it seems to me that people have lost touch with what we are all about. I believe in small federal government. I believe that the federal government is responsible for securing our economy, our borders, and securing our place on the geopolitical stage. That's it. Outside of that, the power is supposed be in our hands, through our elected officials. I believe that we are a great country full of great people, but there are those of us that believe that simply being born in America gives you the right to be taken care of, to be provided for. Those who cannot provide for themselves should be provided for, not those that simply do no want to, or do not feel like it. On the same note, those who do not vote, should not complain about politics. Those that do not sacrifice for their country, should not expect the country to sacrifice for them. Maybe I'm crazy, but maybe I'm American.

And as you can see, I am not the only one who fears Hillary. That's fear, my man, that is fear.


Doug the Punter said...

I agree that we need a smaller government but I fear that those days are well behind us, considering the way this past administration has expanded the role of government and increased the authority of the office of the president to unprecedented heights. The scary thing is the Republicans were supposed to be the small-government party. Alas, the days of anonymity and civil liberties have gone the way of the evening newspaper unless, of course, Ron Paul shocks the world.

Ted said...

Point taken. But you are talking about W, I am talking about McCain. Try not to hate so much freedom, pussy. John McCain fathered all four of my children.

Doug the Punter said...

I'm talking about Bush II because the expansion of state control/authority during his terms has expanded to a dangerous level; a level that I fear no politician (even one as noble as McCain) will ever reduce.