Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Behold, the Sea itself!

I'm heading for the coast for the next week and a half so looks like Ted is going to be flying solo. In honor of my impending trip here is some very, very, very bad original poetry.

"Keel-hauling Man"

I've seen the Sea and ogled the Ocean
But never once did I think
That I would have such emotion
From witnessing the mighty Drink

I can't tie a line, nor Harpoon a Whale
Poop a deck, nor raise a sail
But I know in the heart of my heart
The Ocean and I can never part

It was given to us by God above
Violent as the hawk, but gentle as the dove
It has encompassed minds in a disturbing way
Alas! Much of that is lost today

I say revive the Glory Days of the Sea
And if it were up to you and me
Any one speaking of Ocean's future grim
We'd just take him out and keel-haul him

I can't leave you with that garbage here is Led Zeppelin's "The Ocean"

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Ted said...

poop a deck.