Thursday, October 25, 2007

Brothers get wierd sometimes.

EJMcCrann (4:20:25 PM): poop
EJMcCrann (4:20:28 PM): speaking of poop
EJMcCrann (4:20:40 PM): when you go to my house find the poop peoples number on the thing
EJMcCrann (4:20:49 PM): i need to cancel service until dog is back

DTMcCrann (4:20:58 PM): k
DTMcCrann (4:21:08 PM): i might forget
DTMcCrann (4:21:12 PM): so don't get mad
DTMcCrann (4:21:20 PM): that's an obscure thing to remember
EJMcCrann (4:21:28 PM): POOP

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