Friday, October 26, 2007

Doug the Punter

Salutations Freedom Lovers,

I, Doug the Punter, have officially moved from my previous blog, Freedom Blog, USA, and arrived at Freedom, Glory, America. I am pretty excited about the merger as it will vastly increase mine and Ted's killing, er, I mean, writing power. Anyway I don't have a lot to say right meow other than I will be recapping the Real World every week (I'm not really sure why) and writing intermittently about various things, usually related to the Boston sports world. Basically I'll be arguing back and forth with Ted a lot but don't worry it will be entertaining (disclaimer: it probably won't be), we'll keep it as inappropriate and as below-the-belt as possible. One note I am going to stay out of politics as much as possible; I'll let Ted make an ass of himself on his own. Tune in Monday for sure-to-be-entertaining recaps of the Washington and New England game from totally different but equally skewed perspectives.

I remain etc.,
Doug the Punter

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