Saturday, October 20, 2007

Don't Fly to Boston, Ever.

I'm still not sure who sucks larger amounts of ass. JetBlue(majority owned by the Antichrist) or MassTransit(the group of assholes that let a drunken leprechaun map out the roads, public transit, and taxi cabs of Boston). My advice, fly to Providence and drive, it's faster. So here are my issues and requests:
Jetblue - Please stop be such dirty, whorish liars. Just stop lying, please. You should get a 3 by 5 note card and write on it, "Stop Lying and Don't Steal Anything." Then keep that notecard in your pocket so that when you are lying to your customers and brazenly stealing profits--by cutting seats, overbooking, and underscheduling pilots-- you'll feel that card and take it out and read it. Then maybe, just maybe, you'll stop actively screwing your customers. Last night I was on Flight 1260, departing at 8:50PM out of Dulles heading to Boston. LIES! Those monkeys delayed us for 2 hours, claiming weather issues, yet Logan airport had no issues on their hotline or website. Then, this is the good part. the Jetblue guy(angel of death) gets on the mic and says, "ladies and gentlemans, we are sorry to inform you that Logan Airport is currently closed to incoming traffic. The flight is not canceled, and we will keep you informed as to any changes. If you would like to change your flight to tomorrow, you can do so at no charge." Now I'm thinking that sounds like the smart idea. They have been stringing us along for two hours already, the airport is closed, even if I do get there, it'll be 1 or 2 in the morning before I do. So, I switch the flight.
Fast forward TEN SECONDS.
Holy crap they are boarding the plane. I call Logan Airport, no delays, never closed the airport. ARE YOU SURE?!?!?!?! Yes sir, if the airport was closed I think we'd know about it, sir. We are the airport, sir. Sir. Sir.
Those dirty, rotten, cock-sucking, rat bastards tricked me. Tricked us all. What happened is the crew was late or wasn't there or was smoking rocks in the bathroom. They used loose moral standing and an unwillingness to accept responsibility to justify lying about, AN AIRPORT BEING SHUT DOWN.
I'm le tired so I am going to have a nap. Then Maggie is cooking me breakfast, so I'll get to Bostons MassTransit later. You stupid sonofabitch, MassTransit. HA!


Doug said...

YOU SUCK! Monkeys is spelled like that you idiot. FUCK YOU.

Anonymous said...

This is the best blog ever

- Bobby O'Shea