Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Umm... did I miss something?

Ted wrote: "[Three] of the eight 'ringleaders' received 38,976 years EACH. Issue is, IN SPAIN NO ONE CAN SERVE MORE THAT 40 YEARS IN PRISON. So all these murderers and accomplices to murder are going to walk free, completely free, in our lifetime. Do your research numb nuts."

I'm not sure exactly what "research" Ted is talking about. I said that they received the "maximum penalty" knowing full well that it was 40 years in prison. I couldn't find the specific ages of all of these terrorists but I'd place them at around 30-years-old so they're not going to get out until they are at least 70, if there able to survive in prison where the average life expectancy can't be very high so maybe, maybe these people will get out of jail at some point.

Also, Ted said that these people would be out in "our lifetime." That's kind of a bold prediction for Ted. Ya see Ted is like 47 years old so he's probably not going to be around when these guys get out and if he is then he's going to be either crapping himself or using a comically-large listening horn.

Blah Blah Blah, Ted's a cutter.

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